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McKenzie Burns

McKenzie Burns is a multi-genre author from Chicago with a love for writing stories that involve diverse cultures, witty banter, and women who don't take 'no' for an answer.  

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Legacy of the Night

Mikhail Chernakov wants nothing more than to forget the past and his life on the streets. After returning from university in a foreign land, he hopes to use his newfound education to obtain a respectable job and a life of luxury. Instead, he ends up joining a secret band of assassins called the Order of Tugarin.

Tatiana Malinovskaya wants nothing more than to trade her lavish lifestyle in the palace for one of adventure. It's not as though proper ladies should have claws randomly sprouting from their fingers anyhow. So, when approached with the promise of a new partner, Tatiana happily returns to her duties in the Order of Tugarin.

When Tatiana and Mikhail are paired together to take on the worst of Ravinia, they end up coming across a criminal plot organized by their country's greatest enemy. Determined to find the cause of the threat before it's too late, they need to figure out how to get past their differences and work together. For if they cannot, their country will fall to its doom.

The Ravinia Duology Book 1

McKenzie Burns has an addictive writing style and a narrative you won't soon forget.

C.A. Farran
Author of Songs of the Wicked

The story was one I've never come across before and it was truly remarkable to see it all unfold.

Goodreads Reviewer
Five-Star Rating

Start to finish, the plot and characters grabbed my attention and kept me turning the page.

Andrea J. Severson
Author of The Bookshop of Possibilities

Burns just keeps getting better and better with every book she writes. I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Goodreads Reviewer
Five-Star Rating

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From the Shadows

Escape into the village of Norlyn where humans can be born with supernatural abilities, creatures terrorize the night, and oh—you should probably stay away from the forest.

In these dark fantasy tales from McKenzie Burns, follow Valora Bellemore and Ryker Falkov as they seek revenge and seek answers as to why the world cannot accept them as they are. Filled with suspense, lovable characters, and romance these stories are perfect for fans of action-packed young adult books!

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